Spooky: Hey uh...what are you?
Juniper: Eh... umm... well, I'm a fourth circle lady healer.

Spooky: What's under that cloak of yours? Is it all blood and guts and stuff?
Juniper: No, i'm not so much bloody as I am pale. That's right, I'm disgustingly pale. I also have natural red hair.

Spooky: Do you wear shoes?
Juniper: *looks down* Aw man, I guess I don't.

Spooky: Why don't you have any money?
Juniper: Because my only weapon is a good for nothing wooden stick (some call them clubs, I guess), and nobody loves me.

Spooky: Why don't you have a caduceus?
Juniper: I ah... I do have one.

Spooky: Why don't you have any friends?
Juniper: because I'm disgustingly pale... I don't get out much.

Spooky: Do you like candy?
Juniper: Of course, that's why I sell it for such high prices.

Spooky: I hear you used to never talk. Is that true?
Juniper: Wow, that was a long time ago. Yeah, it's true... but only because *starts crying* nobody ever talked to me.

Spooky: Do you like to gamble?
Juniper: Who doesn't?! But you know... I don't really have any money, soo... I haven't gambled in a long time.

Spooky: What do your hands smell like?
Juniper: ...Germs.

Spooky: Can I call you junjun? How about juni?
Juni: uh... I guess... I don't see why you'd want to though.

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